About Us

Justdogs.shop provides high quality personalised dog products which are handmade in the UK using sustainable practises to minimise carbon paw-print, supported by a culture and ethos to ensure our customers are fully satisfied with their shopping experience; achieved by:

Customer Satisfaction:

  • Customer satisfaction is a priority and we believe the best form of advertising is recommendation from happy customers, and strive to ensure everyone is fully satisfied with their purchase and shopping experience at Justdogs.shop. This is our ethos and culture.
  • The reviews on our web site are independently vefified by Judge.me as coming from real customers, so you can be sure the huge amount of 5 star reviews we get and the words written are real.


  • All products have to adhere to strict quality controls, durable high quality fabrics are sourced for use in cushions and bedding.
  • Hardwood is used to manufacture beds and raised feeder bowls as it’s strong and durable, making a premium product that you, your family and friends will admire.
  • Three coats of Cuprinol paint are applied to our wooden dog bowls and beds, followed by a lacquer coat to protect from water, making them durable.


  • Hardwood is sourced from FSC certified sustainable forests, which are managed to strict environmental, social and economic standards
  • We use recycled plastics and cardboard, energy efficient lighting and recycle as fully as possible,


    • Manufacturing is from a UK family run SME, with products made by people who really care, who are paid a fair wage with benefits for their work, and who are committed to making quality products.
    • Our values and ethos to minimise carbon paw-print means we do our bit to minimise the impacts of climate change, for a better future for our children, our grandchildren and our dogs.


    • Our web site is designed for ease of use, with straight forward navigation and not too many annoying Gizmo’s to distract you.
    • Our web site is fast to improve your shopping experience.
    • We NEVER sell your personal information, we only pass it to payment processing organisations and couriers for the purpose of  processing and delivering your order.